UWC President on multiple citizenship’s impact on Ukrainians abroad

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January 23,2024 559
UWC President on multiple citizenship’s impact on Ukrainians abroad

The draft law on multiple citizenship is an additional step towards uniting the 65-million-strong Ukrainian people worldwide, stated the President of the Ukrainian World Congress (UWC), Paul Grod, during an interview with Suspilne Sprotyv.

“For many years, this direction has been one of the UWC’s priorities. We understand that millions of Ukrainians have emigrated abroad – in the last two years and earlier. Currently, the global diaspora comprises over 20 million Ukrainians,” said the UWC President.

Ukrainians abroad need to be involved in Ukraine’s political, economic, and social life. “Specifically, regarding Ukraine’s victory – the first UWC’s priority – and the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine – the second UWC’s priority,” says Paul Grod.

The initiative for multiple citizenship is a practical step that can help the global Ukrainian community become a part of Ukraine’s life. “I am convinced that our communities in over 70 countries around the world will perceive this decision very positively and that it is a step towards the unity of the global Ukrainian community,” Grod concluded.

Moreover, multiple citizenship is a component of bringing Ukrainians back home, along with a comprehensive policy to create the necessary conditions for the Ukrainians’ return. Diaspora representatives who decide to live in Ukraine will be able to bring valuable experience to help in post-war reconstruction and the country’s recovery, the UWC President summarized.

Cover: Suspilne Sprotyv

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