UWC President on challenges of 2024

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January 2,2024 604
UWC President on challenges of 2024

Ukrainian World Congress President Paul Grod highlighted primary challenges of 2024 during an interview for the “Yedyni novyny” [“United News”] Ukrainian national telemarathon. These include bolstering support for Ukraine’s Armed Forces and advocating for Ukraine’s integration into the European Union and NATO. Grod emphasized these challenges come amidst elections taking place in nearly 70 countries worldwide.

“The main thing is that we promote powerful pro-Ukrainian messages. For example, in Canada, political parties are debating who can support Ukraine more. We aim to create an atmosphere of competition for who, for instance, in these upcoming elections, will support Ukraine more,” said Paul Grod.

According to the UWC President, the global Ukrainian community conducts powerful advocacy campaigns to promote the pro-Ukrainian agenda. “A great example is President Zelenskyy’s recent visit to Argentina, where Argentina’s Ukrainian community significantly contributed to the advocacy efforts. We also see, for instance, how actively the Ukrainian community in Brazil is working to ensure that the Global South supports Ukraine more strongly. This is an example of how communities and governments can collaborate to strengthen support for Ukraine. In the U.S., our communities are also actively involved, launching various campaigns in the electoral process to convey messages that are important for Ukraine,” explained Paul Grod.

The Ukrainian World Congress continues to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine and has already raised over 50 million dollars for Ukrainian defenders. “We constantly purchase equipment and are one of the three largest international donors providing armored vehicles for the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Now, after we met with the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Zaluzhnyi, we have shifted our focus to drones,” said President Grod.

Grod is confident that the world is ready to continue supporting Ukraine. “People understand that the best way to support Ukraine now is to help the Ukrainian Armed Forces win. We must find new ways to support the Armed Forces. There is a strong desire among Ukrainians abroad to support Ukrainian defenders,” said President Grod.

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