UWC President speaks at Congress of Local and Regional Authorities with President Zelenskyy in attendance

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April 12,2024 247
UWC President speaks at Congress of Local and Regional Authorities with President Zelenskyy in attendance

Paul Grod, President of the Ukrainian World Congress, addressed the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities on April 12th in Chernivtsi. Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, along with government and military officials, attended the event, which drew nearly 80 leaders from various Ukrainian cities, towns, and villages.

During his address, the UWC President expressed gratitude to regional and local leaders for their steadfast and committed efforts amidst the challenging conditions of a full-scale war. “The entire global Ukrainian community is with you,” emphasized Paul Grod. 

According to the UWC President, Ukrainian communities worldwide are banding together to support their counterparts in Ukraine. The collective efforts are aimed at securing Victory for Ukraine.

“On behalf of the multi-million Ukrainian diaspora, I want to assure that we are united for victory,” Grod said.

The UWC launched the Energize Ukraine initiative to support and rebuild the Ukrainian energy system. As part of the project, the power supply to a school in Chernihiv has already been upgraded. Additionally, the UWC member organizations have contributed to the reconstruction of Kyiv Oblast – the Australian Federation of Ukrainian Organisations (AFUO) helped restore the social infrastructure of Irpin.

Paul Grod and Volodymyr Zelenskyy also discussed increasing efforts to aid Ukrainian communities. “Together, we will unite the whole world first to win, then rebuild Ukraine, and later build a powerful global Ukrainian community that will improve the world and make us, Ukrainians, proud,” the UWC President summarized.

The Congress of Local and Regional Authorities under the President of Ukraine was established to facilitate the effective completion of local self-government reform. The organization interacts with state bodies, local self-government bodies, their all-Ukrainian associations, and international organizations.

Photo: Office of the President of Ukraine. Video: TSN.