UWC President’s Christmas appeal

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December 22,2023 521
UWC President’s Christmas appeal

Dear Friends,

Over the last twenty-one months, the Ukrainian World Congress has played a pivotal role in supporting Ukrainian frontline defenders, paramedics, territorial defense forces, and refugees by providing crucial supplies such as tactical medical supplies, armored evacuation vehicles, protective ballistic equipment, drones and more. UWC has contributed significantly to the strengthening of the capabilities of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

As we approach the Christmas season, I invite you to join us in two dedicated fundraisers, the first to support the Ukrainian World Congress’ Advocacy work.

This facet of the UWC’s mandate in the advocacy space holds immense significance for several compelling reasons:

  • The ongoing fight for Ukraine’s existence relies heavily on the support of Western and NATO partners.
  • The Ukrainian economy has faced substantial challenges due to Russian attacks on infrastructure, logistical issues related to seaport blockades, an influx of refugees, etc., making support from the US and European Union crucial.
  • Unilateral support from Ukrainian allies needs reinforcement to solidify unity in supporting Ukraine.
  • Countries in the Global South, while influential in the global economy, historically adhere to Russian narratives, underscoring the need for a robust Ukrainian voice in the region.
  • Advocacy offers the most impactful return on investment, with every dollar invested translating into millions in military and economic aid for Ukraine.
  • With your support, the Ukrainian World Congress can significantly amplify its advocacy efforts, stakeholder relations, and communication initiatives, bringing us closer to our shared victory.

Our second focus this holiday season is focused on providing the Ukrainian Armed Forces with 1000 First Person View (FPV) Drones.

  • The Ukrainian World Congress, as part of its “Unite with Ukraine” initiative has commenced a holiday season collection with the goal to provide 1000 First Person View Drones for the Ukrainian Armed Forces.
  • Give the gift on an FPV Drone for Ukrainian defenders. Our campaign has been designed to encourage diaspora members, organizations, and institutions to fund an FPV drones instead of traditional holiday gifts for their employees, clients, family members and friends. FPV drones offered as an alternative to a traditional holiday gift.
  • Drones can be funded on the UWC’s Unite with Ukraine website where FPV drones can be purchased as a gift and a PDF certificate will be auto generated for the gift giver to direct to the gift recipient digitally or print and physically gift the recipient in a card.
  • FPV drones and accompanying accessories will be procured and delivered by UWC’s Unite with Ukraine at the end of the collection period which will last from December 10, 2023 – January 10, 2024.
  • Donors will also have the option to have each funded drone inscribed in white ink with a custom message that can be inputted upon check out from the marketplace, and the gift recipient will receive a photo or video of their drone upon delivery in Ukraine.

Donations can be made at or by cheque or wire transfer.

Kindly consider donating to the Ukrainian World Congress in support of these two vital initiatives.

And a short film about the ongoing work of Unite with Ukraine:

Best regards,

Paul Grod, President UWC