UWC Raffle: donate to FPV drone and win unique gift

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January 4,2024 503
UWC Raffle: donate to FPV drone and win unique gift

The Ukrainian World Congress’s Unite with Ukraine initiative and the Ukrainian-Canadian company Saint Javelin are organizing a raffle of unique figurines for a donation to the UWC’s Santa’s Birds – Птахи Санти campaign.

Anyone can participate in the raffle. Donate to the FPV Drone campaign between January 3rd and January 10th, 2024. Like & share this post in your stories then wait until January 11th to see if you are among the 5 lucky winners.

The lucky ones will win a commemorative F-16 “Flork” Pilot figurine cast from the brass of 122mm, and 152mm caliber artillery shells allocated by Western and NATO partners and used by Ukrainian forces to liberate Ukrainian territories.

This unique figurine made by our partners, veterans of the Russian-Ukrainian war from the 215th battalion of the 125th Separate Territorial Defense Brigade, online store Klamra, serves as a beautiful symbol of perennial support and faith in justice, democracy, and freedom for Ukraine,” the Unite with Ukraine initiate said.

Click the link to fund an FPV drone and bring Ukraine one step closer to victory.

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