UWC receives an honorary award from President Zelensky

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January 5,2023 940
UWC receives an honorary award from President Zelensky

KYIV, – January 5, 2023. The Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) is honored to receive an award from Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy for its significant support of United24 as one of its largest donors in 2022.

Thank you to the Ukrainian World Congress for supporting Ukraine in this crucial time. This award is made from Bakhmut salt and Crimean sea shells, symbols of Ukrainian perseverance and faith in our great victory,” says the text of the award signed by President Zelenskyy.

UWC President, Paul Grod, accepted the award on behalf of the global Ukrainian community and friends of Ukraine. The support and generosity of our donors, supporters and volunteers is inspiring and their commitment to Ukraine’s future is unwavering.

Ukraine’s victory is our common cause. As did generations before us, we will defend the Ukrainian people and our homeland Ukraine until we are victorious and liberate our people and territories from Russian occupation and persecution.  There is only one victory for Ukraine – the restoration of its internationally recognized borders.  UWC’s campaign will continue to raise funds and deliver lifesaving support to the Defenders of Ukraine until we prevail in our Great War for Independence,” stated UWC President, Paul Grod.

In cooperation with the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Ukrainian Ministry of Digital Transformation, the UWC joined as an official partner of United 24 ( in July 2022.  Our first initiative coordinated with United24 was the “Army of Drones” project. The project aimed to strengthen the surveillance capability of Ukraine’s armed forces, saving Ukrainian defenders’ lives. In just one month – in honor of the Independence Day of Ukraine, the UWC collected and delivered over USD 600,000 worth of drones and related equipment, becoming the second largest donor to the “Army of Drones”.