UWC sincerely wishes you Merry Christmas !

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January 6,2023 2307
UWC sincerely wishes you Merry Christmas !

“On behalf of the Ukrainian World Congress, I would like to sincerely congratulate all Ukrainians and friends of Ukraine on this remarkable holiday – Christmas!

Ukraine is celebrating Christmas this year under excruciating circumstances. The nuclear terrorist state, which threatens the entire civilized world, occupied part of the territory of our independent country. Every day, it kills and tortures Ukrainians, destroys the infrastructure, leaving our people without heat, water, and electricity.

What does Christmas mean for us?
Christmas is a holiday when we all hope for a miracle. On Christmas night, the impossible becomes possible. In the times of the most significant challenges, when free Ukraine was only a dream, our glorious warriors gathered at the Christmas table – Sych snipers, UPA warriors, all generations of Ukrainian defenders.

Celebrating this Christmas at home, with gifts, in warmth, we must remember the brave defenders of Ukraine. Christmas dawns upon forests, dugouts, trenches, and the ruins of Bakhmut and Mariupol – the greatest miracle is needed precisely for those who are so fearlessly defending Ukraine right now.

For Ukrainians, Christmas is a family holiday that shows the right path and strengthens families. This Christmas, our global Ukrainian family is stronger than ever. We are 65 million Ukrainians, and we all have only one common longing – a free, independent, and prosperous Ukraine.

We pray together for the brave defenders of the homeland, for a fair trial of the occupiers, and for peace on generous Ukrainian land.

Christmas is a holiday that symbolizes the victory of good over evil. Today, the world has a historic chance to stand on the side of good and help overcome once and for all the absolute evil – Russian imperialism.

Thank you to every Ukrainian, every Ukrainian family, and every friend of Ukraine for your generous support of the Ukrainian defenders and the Unite With Ukraine campaign of the Ukrainian World Congress! I am grateful to the dedicated volunteers in our communities for their tireless work around the clock.

We urge you to continue donating to the Unite With Ukraine campaign – all funds will be used to purchase the most essential necessities for the Ukrainian defenders, who are stoically fighting for the Ukrainian land, their homes, and families as we speak.

Wherever we live, let’s support Ukraine and the Ukrainian people in the struggle for the freedom of Ukraine and the entire free world!

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to Ukraine’s Armed Forces! Christ is born!”

Paul Grod,

UWC President

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