UWC statement on anti-racism

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June 16,2020 168

The Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) stands in solidarity with the global community in denouncing racism. The right of equal treatment before the law and the right to justice is fundamental and inalienable for every human being. Racist acts, no matter how subtle, must never be ignored or tolerated. We will not be complacent nor silent about racism, discrimination and oppression in any shape or form.

The UWC and global Ukrainian communities have traditionally embraced diversity and human rights as the foundation of democracy. Ukrainian education, cultural and social support programs in our communities worldwide are built on the foundations of respect and inclusivity, open to people from all racial and ethnocultural backgrounds. For many years, Ukrainian communities have partnered with the Black and other diverse ethnic communities to address important issues of human rights, justice and equality worldwide. 

The Ukrainian community will continue to be at the forefront of promoting anti-racism through critical self-reflection, education, open dialogue and peaceful action to combat racism and discrimination. We once again confirm our commitment to being reliable, authentic allies in the drive to fight racism, intolerance, and hate.

“In this time of pain and grief, we stand with our friends in the Black communities worldwide. We reconfirm our pledge to protect, strengthen and promote human rights, justice, equality, and peace. The UWC has always opposed any violation of human rights or any form of discrimination – and will continue to do so” – stated Paul Grod, UWC President.

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