UWC statement on recent developments on the Nord Stream 2 project

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July 23,2021 328
UWC statement on recent developments on the Nord Stream 2 project

In the wake of the official announcement of an agreement reached between the US President Joe Biden and German Chancellor Angela Merkel on the completion of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline, the Ukrainian World Congress once again calls on the Federal Government of Germany to impose a moratorium on this dangerous geopolitical project of the Kremlin.

The implementation of Nord Stream-2 undermines European cohesion and transatlantic relations, leads to significant political, military, economic and energy threats for Ukraine and for the whole of Central Europe, conflicts with European and German climate goals, and runs counter to the aim of a common EU external energy policy. What is more, by making the Ukrainian gas link to Europe expendable, the completion of this gas pipeline would likely open the door to further Russian military aggression against Ukraine.

We support the call of the Foreign Ministers of Ukraine and Poland for further consultations among allies and urge all partners and friends of Ukraine in Europe and in North America to voice their opposition to the Nord Stream-2 project and support the UWC call for a moratorium so that government officials had a chance to resolve the transatlantic differences and to arrive at a common European position that should consider the interests of Ukraine and the EU’s eastern member states.

Any attempts to agree on the future of energy relations and security of Europe without Ukraine, Poland, Slovakia, whose security will suffer first, are unacceptable. Such attempts undermine the stability of the entire transatlantic region and hurt trust between transatlantic partners.

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