UWC-supported “KMAcademic Talks” law webinars gather first 120 participants

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May 7,2024 405
UWC-supported “KMAcademic Talks” law webinars gather first 120 participants

The project of the National University of “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy” – the KMAcademic Talks: International Law and the War webinar series – drew over 120 attendees during 5 sessions. The Ukrainian World Congress is an informational partner of the project. In addition to the KMA community, representatives of the global Ukrainian community and foreign friends of Ukraine have joined the seminars.

During the first part of the project, the seminars covered topics such as the environmental aspect of Russian war crimes, the importance of Russia’s accountability for crimes committed during the aggression against Ukraine, sexual violence crimes in the context of the Russian-Ukrainian war, justice for Ukraine and transformative changes for international law, as well as transitional justice for Ukraine after the start of full-scale invasion.

During the webinars, participants were provided with compelling arguments and evidence of human rights violations by Russia. This information can be effectively used at specialized events, in media discussions about the war, or during public speaking engagements.

Up until Russia invaded Ukraine in 2022 I did not know anything about Ukraine. It was “just a country somewhere over there.” Even when I lived in Germany for a number of years, Ukraine was “behind the Iron Curtain and part of the USSR”. My bookshelves are now full of history books, poetry by Serhiy Zhadan and others, and I’ve attended online classes with Timothy Snyder in order to understand the history of your very courageous and complicated nation…. I do appreciate all the KMA is providing through these webinars. What was presented was excellent. Was glad for the slides. Legal questions and approaches thoughtful. Such a huge issue,” said Linda McDonald, a seminar attendee.

Project participants note that the materials are adapted to be accessible to both academics and lay listeners. “Excellent presentation, graphs, detail, etc.,” added one participant.

The project will continue until June; dates and details of upcoming seminars are to be announced. 

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