UWC supports Kaunas Resolution and joins Anti-imperial Block of Nations

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June 26,2024 280
UWC supports Kaunas Resolution and joins Anti-imperial Block of Nations

The Ukrainian World Congress endorsed the Kaunas Resolution, advocating for global support for the self-determination of nations subjugated by Russia. The resolution denounces Russia’s aggressive colonial tactics and suggests strategies for the liberation and reinstatement of these nations. Additionally, the UWC has become a member of the executive bodies of the Anti-imperial Block of Nations (ABN).

The inaugural ABN World Congress was held on June 21-22 in Kaunas, Lithuania. This pivotal gathering united delegates from the national liberation movements of peoples oppressed by Russia, as well as leaders from the anti-imperialist front in various countries.

Among the attendees were representatives from the Ukrainian World Congress and leaders from the national liberation movements of Tatarstan, Ichkeria, Bashkortostan, Kalmyk Oirat, Cherkessia, Erzyan-Mastor, Buryatia, Karelia, and other regions. The participants explored strategies to foster collaboration between associations of oppressed peoples and the Ukrainian diaspora worldwide. A focal point of the discussions was Ukraine’s potential role as a “Ramstein” for these oppressed groups, highlighting its strategic importance in their collective efforts.

Late Stefan Romaniw, UWC First Vice President and Co-Chair of the Australian Federation of Ukrainian Organisations, was elected Vice President of the ABN.

Today, Russia is committing genocide against the Ukrainian nation during its predatory war; it is also committing genocide against the peoples it has enslaved through systematic oppression and assimilation, depriving them of political, civil, cultural, social, and economic rights. Therefore, our enemy is common. It is Russia, its imperial-colonial structure of the “prison of nations” based on the misanthropic ideology of the “Russian world.” We declare a common struggle for the right to self-determination guaranteed to us by international covenants, and with this aim, we unite in the Anti-Imperial Block of Nations,” the resolution text states.

The outcome of the ABN World Congress – the Kaunas Resolution – sets out the strategic tasks and principles of the ABN’s activities, emphasized the event’s organizers. “The existence of colonial Russia is a threat to peace and world security. The result of our liberation war should be the overthrow of the Russian colonial empire and the emergence of national states on its ruins that will build their free life on the principles of international law, mutual respect, and peace. Freedom to peoples! Freedom to the person!” concludes the document.

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