UWC thanks EU Commission President and calls for expedited Membership

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March 9,2023 627
UWC thanks EU Commission President and calls for expedited Membership

March 8, 2023 – Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) President Paul Grod met with European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen after her powerful address to a joint session of Canada’s parliament in Ottawa.

“On behalf of the 20 million plus Ukrainians that are organized through UWC in over 65 countries, we thank President von der Leyen for her global leadership in support of the Ukrainian people.  The outpouring of support by citizens of the EU and Canada has and continues to be critically important to help those Ukrainians that have been forced to flee and those that are defending Ukraine and the EU on the frontlines of Russia’s devastating war on Ukraine,” stated Grod.

The UWC President called upon the EU to begin membership accession talks as soon as possible this year, recognizing that Ukraine’s parliament continues to make impressive progress on adopting necessary EU-related legislation.

The EU Commission President agreed to meet with the UWC and leaders of the Ukrainian communities from all 27 EU countries this year to discuss further support for Ukrainian refugees and engaging civil society in defending and rebuilding Ukraine.

“The UWC and our communities in the 27 EU countries serve as a vital bridge for the EU and a powerful advocate for Ukraine,” stated Grod.  “We continue to foster support for Ukraine both with the people and the leadership of every EU country.  I am very grateful to those Ukrainians and friends of Ukraine that are working tirelessly to ensure strong moral, political, military and economic support for Ukraine and its people.”

In her powerful address to Canada’s Parliament EU Commission President called for the prosecution of Russia’s crime of aggression and condemned Vladmir Putin and his regime for “using rape and sexual violence as part of its ‘military strategy’ in Ukraine.”  She continued by stating to Canadian lawmakers on the eve of International Women’s Day, “This is not only a war on Ukraine. It is also a war on human rights. It is a war on women’s rights.”

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