UWC thanks the Nordic countries for standing strong with Ukraine

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May 4,2023 598
UWC thanks the Nordic countries for standing strong with Ukraine

Following the Nordic-Ukrainian Summit, the Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) once again thanks the governments and peoples of the Nordic countries for their crucial support of Ukraine, its people and Armed Forces in the face of Russia’s brutal and genocidal military aggression.

We also support the Ukrainian government’s efforts to establish closer ties with the countries of Northern Europe, considering the significant changes in the continent’s security architecture following Finland’s joining NATO and the expected accession of Sweden into the Alliance. 

On May 3, 2023, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy of Ukraine joined the President of Finland and the Prime Ministers of Denmark, Iceland, Norway and Sweden at a meeting in Helsinki, Finland. Among other things, in their joint statement after the Summit, the Nordic leaders:

  • reiterated their commitment to Ukraine’s independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity within its internationally recognized borders;
  • supported Ukraine’s initiative for a just and sustainable peace based on Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity;
  • underline their firm commitment to bringing to justice those responsible for war crimes and other atrocity crimes committed in Ukraine;
  • agreed that the future of Ukraine and its people lies within the Euro-Atlantic family of nations. The Nordic EU members will strongly support Ukraine in its reform efforts and in meeting the requirements needed to start accession negotiations as soon as possible. The Nordic NATO members will continue to support Ukraine on its path towards future membership.

The Nordic states have played one of the most significant roles in providing military, political and economic support to Ukraine since Russia’s full-scale military invasion of the country, while the determination of Nordic leaders became an example for others to follow. Not only historic and cultural ties bind Ukraine and the countries of Northern Europe, but also a clear vision of a major security shift and the new security architecture emerging in the region.

Security issues will also be high on the agenda at the 4th Council of Europe Summit that will take place in Reykjavik, Iceland on May 16-17, 2023.