UWC to Monitor Ukraine’s Parliamentary Elections

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February 17,2012 132

February 17, 2012






In response to the Foreign Minister of Ukraine’s January 25th pledge to invite International Election Observers to monitor the upcoming October 28th parliamentary elections, the Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) has announced that it will once again actively participate in Ukraine’s electoral process by hosting a delegation of International Election Observers.


Long and short-term monitoring and reporting on the electoral process is critical to protect Ukraine’s fledgling democracy. As a result, at the last UWC Board meeting, a motion was approved to establish a special committee to lead and coordinate an international election observation mission. The Committee’s tasks are to solicit experienced volunteers from UWC member organizations worldwide, develop an election observer strategy, prepare training materials and briefings for the election monitors and coordinate the Observer Mission.  


Due to their long-time experience in leading past election missions, Tamara Olexy, President of the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America, and Paul Grod, President of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress were appointed by the UWC Board to serve as Committee Co-chairs.


Upon accepting her appointment as co-chair, Ms. Olexy emphasized the vital role of international election observers in enhancing the transparency of the election process, and stated, “I am grateful to the UWC Board members for placing their confidence in Paul Grod and myself to co-chair the special committee to lead an international election observer mission.” Mr. Grod also thanked the Board and added “Ensuring free and fair elections is critical to Ukraine’s developing democracy and we are proud that international election observers led by the UWC in coordination with its constituent country organizations will continue to stand by the people of Ukraine”.


Information on how to apply to become an International Election Observer with the UWC’s Mission will be available in the coming weeks in the Ukrainian media as well as on the UWC website at


 “The monitoring of elections in Ukraine continues to be a priority for the UWC. The right to vote in free and fair elections is a fundamental democratic right that expresses the political will of the people. The UWC encourages all eligible voters to vote on October 28, 2012 during Ukraine’s Parliamentary elections,” stated UWC President Eugene Czolij.


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