UWC Vice President awarded by Ukraine’s Defense Ministry

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February 28,2024 504
UWC Vice President awarded by Ukraine’s Defense Ministry

Volodymyr Kogutyak, UWC Vice President for Western Europe, has been awarded by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. Valerii Zaluzhnyi, the former Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, signed the award.

“I am honored to receive a commendation today from the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, signed by Commander-in-Chief Valerii Zaluzhnyi. Together, towards the victory of Ukraine!” wrote Kogutyak.

The UWC Vice President is convinced that such awards should be given exclusively to Ukrainian defenders. 

“When I was invited to the ceremony, I initially declined, as in my opinion, today’s gratitude should be extended only to those on the front lines. However, I was told that this recognition is not for me personally but for all those who have been fighting on the border with me for the past 10 years to bring Ukraine closer to victory. Therefore, I am very grateful to everyone, and I emphasize that this is our collective achievement,” added Kogutyak.

The Ukrainian World Congress congratulates Volodymyr Kogutyak and the Ukrainian community in France on receiving the award and wishes further success in promoting Ukrainian interests abroad for the sake of victory.

Cover: Kogutyak on Facebook