UWC vital in expelling Russia from the ICAO

October 3,2022 595
UWC vital in expelling Russia from the ICAO

Russia was shown its place and expelled from the governing body of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) – the United Nations Aviation Agency.

“Russia failed to secure enough votes to remain in the International Civil Aviation Organization’s 36-member governing council that is reserved for countries “of chief importance in air transport.” The ICAO has 193 members in total.”

This is an unprecedented event since 1944 when the organization was founded! Huge thanks to the Ambassador of Ukraine to Canada, Mrs. Yuliya Kovaliv. It was an honor for the UWC to provide active GR and PR support to this initiative, which ended in success for the Ukrainian delegation!

Russia has no place among the countries of the civilized world. We will continue the fight so that the terrorist state is thrown out with shame from all respectable world institutions.

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