Stefan Romaniw to speak at a 1 year of RF full-scale war discussion

January 28,2023 426
Stefan Romaniw to speak at a 1 year of RF full-scale war discussion

The Australian Institute of International Affairs (AIIA), the Victoria branch, has opened registration for a “Ukraine Retrospective – One Year On” panel discussion that will be held on Feb. 28, 2023.

Stefan Romaniw, First Vice President of the Ukrainian World Congress and Co-Chair of the Australian Federation of Ukrainian Organizations, will be one of the panel’s three experts. The other two include Petr Kuzmin, a Russian-Australian anti-war activist, and Richard Iron, AIIA Victoria President.

“It is twelve months since Russia invaded Ukraine – not just an unwarranted attack on the borders of a sovereign nation in contravention of international law, but an egregious assault on the global rules-based international order.

“One year on, AIIA VIC will review the key developments in Ukraine and Russia, as well as the shifts in the Western perspective on the war between these two countries.

“How has Ukrainian society reacted to the existential threat to its country? Is Ukraine stronger now than a year ago? Are Western sanctions having sufficient effect on Russia’s will to continue the invasion? Has Russian society accepted and embraced the war? How did Western countries, including Australia, view Ukraine’s chances of success in defending its sovereignty at the start of the invasion and are they committed to helping Ukraine win the war now?

“AIIA Victoria invites you to join this discussion with Stefan Romaniw, Petr Kuzmin and Richard Iron who will provide answers to these and other questions from the Ukrainian, Russian and Western perspectives,” the announcement reads.

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