UWC welcomes Decisions by the Committee of Ministers at the Council of Europe concerning situation in Ukraine

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December 1,2017 105

The Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) welcomes the Decisions adopted on 8 November 2017 during the 1299th Ministers’ Deputies meeting of the Committee of Ministers at the Council of Europe, which reiterated its commitment to reform progress in Ukraine, and recommended further steps in the reform agenda and in supporting the territorial integrity of Ukraine.

First, the Ministers’ Deputies welcomed the decision by the Ukrainian authorities to submit the new Law of Ukraine “On Education” to the Venice Commission to render an opinion in compliance with relevant standards of the Council of Europe.

Second, the Ministers’ Deputies expressed satisfaction over the progress achieved by Ukraine in the areas of human rights, democratic consolidation, and rule of law, including the establishment of three new anti-corruption institutions: National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine, National Agency for Prevention of Corruption, and Specialised Anti-Corruption Prosecutor. The Ministers’ Deputies also welcomed Ukraine’s initiative to set up an independent anti-corruption court and encouraged the Ukrainian authorities to boost the resources, powers and independence of the newly created bodies. The progress in the renewal of the Supreme Court of Ukraine was also commended by the Council of Europe.

Third, the Ministers’ Deputies welcomed reforms in the area of decentralisation, particularly in fiscal decentralisation and the amalgamation of communities, and reiterated the commitment of the Council of Europe to providing advice and assistance for ongoing reform of Ukraine’s local governance.

Highlighting the responsibility of the Russian Federation for the conflict in Ukraine, the Ministers’ Deputies called for the necessary steps for the full and swift implementation of the Minsk Agreements, including the need for an immediate ceasefire and the withdrawal of troops, armed formations, and military equipment from the Donbas. In this context, the Ministers’ Deputies also welcomed the efforts by Council of Europe Secretary General Thorbjørn Jagland in facilitating the transfer of Ukrainian political prisoners through dialogue between the ombudspersons of Ukraine and the Russian Federation.

“The Ukrainian World Congress welcomes the Decisions by the Council of Europe fully supporting Ukraine’s ongoing reform agenda and prioritizing the protection of Ukraine’s territorial integrity,” noted UWC President Eugene Czolij.

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