UWC welcomes National Strategy to reform system of institutionalized care and education for children in Ukraine

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May 16,2017 117

The Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) welcomes the adoption by the National Reform Council of Ukraine of a National Strategy for reforming the system of institutionalized care and education for children.

The long-term strategy for the years 2017-2026 adopted on 31 March 2017 sets out a plan to change the current system of institutionalized care and education of children to one which guarantees child care and education in a family or similar environment. 

Under the leadership of the Commissioner of the President of Ukraine for the Rights of Children Mykola Kuleba, a National Office for coordinating and monitoring the reforms has been established and a plan of action to realize the strategy is currently under development with the Government of Ukraine.

“The Ukrainian World Congress commends the government of Ukraine on this important step in protecting the rights and interests of children, the most innocent and vulnerable members of society” stated UWC President Eugene Czolij.

An outline of the strategy is available in Ukrainian HERE.

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