UWC welcomes the start of EU-Ukraine accession talks

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June 28,2024 319
UWC welcomes the start of EU-Ukraine accession talks

The Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) welcomes the start of formal accession talks between the European Union and Ukraine.

“The launch of Ukraine’s formal EU accession talks is a historic occasion for Ukrainians and friends of Ukraine around the world. It opens a new chapter in the contemporary history of both Ukraine and the EU by recognizing that Ukraine belongs in the EU,” stated UWC President, Paul Grod. “It is a recognition of the tremendous progress Ukraine has made in meeting all the requirements of EU membership, all while fending off Russia’s full-scale invasion and daily missile attacks. A real testament to the Ukrainian people’s determination to live with dignity.”

European Union officials met with Ukrainian ministers in Luxembourg on June 25, 2024, to launch a framework for the implementation of the reforms and legislation necessary for Ukraine to be granted full-fledged EU membership. This formal step comes ten years after the democratic Revolution of Dignity, which put Ukraine firmly on a pro-Western course. 

In 2014, millions of Ukrainians took to the streets across the country demanding that their corrupt and authoritarian government sign the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement. When he saw he had no choice but to capitulate, then-President of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych fled to Russia, and prompted Russia to invade and annex parts of Ukraine. Ukraine signed the application for EU membership on the fifth day after Russia’s full-scale invasion on February 24, 2022. 

Since Ukraine regained its independence in 1991, UWC has continuously advocated for Ukraine’s Euro Atlantic integration and transformation to a rules-based, prosperous democracy. We are grateful to the European Congress of Ukrainians and all UWC’s member organizations across the EU for their dedication and tireless efforts in promoting Ukraine’s EU membership and strengthening cooperation between European nations and Ukraine.

“We thank the EU leaders for their steadfast support of Ukraine and its EU ambitions. We also urge them to provide accelerated EU membership to Ukraine. Russia’s ruler Vladimir Putin dreams of dominating Ukraine and undermining a united Europe. Today the EU and Ukraine demonstrate through their deeds that they are united, that they will prevail, and Russia will be defeated!” stressed Grod.

Cover: Presidential Office of Ukraine

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