UWC’s Unite With Ukraine launches Santa’s Birds campaign

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December 8,2023 954
UWC’s Unite With Ukraine launches Santa’s Birds campaign

The Ukrainian World Congress and our partners at Saint Javelin have launched a holiday season collection to provide 1000 First Person View Drones for the Ukrainian Armed Forces as part of its “Unite with Ukraine” initiative.

“Instead of buying an expensive and unnecessary gift for someone this holiday season, we encourage funding an FPV drone for the Ukrainian Armed Forces in their name. The Ukrainian World Congress, through our “Unite with Ukraine” initiative, has already delivered more than $55 million worth of military equipment and supplies. And now, we are launching our Santa’s Birds – Птахи Санти campaign,” Andrew Potichnyj, Director of UWC’s Unite with Ukraine initiative, said.

After consulting with senior military leadership, it became clear that the number of drones and skilled pilots would determine success in this war. By increasing drone usage, we can minimize casualties among Ukrainian forces.

The demand for FPV drones is staggering, with millions of units needed, Potichnyj says.These small but highly effective drones have repeatedly demonstrated their value on the battlefield. It is now urgent to put thousands of these drones into the hands of Ukrainian drone pilots. There is always a shortage of drones, and we cannot afford to waste more time.

“As a diaspora, we must unite to make a significant contribution. You can do your part by joining the UWC’s Santa’s Birds – Птахи Санти campaign. Together, we can help fill the gap created by the shortage of Western artillery rounds and precision weapons. We aim to procure another 1000 drones by the start of the new year,” the organizers say.

As we gear up for the upcoming holiday season, it is essential to acknowledge that Ukrainians are still fighting for their right to exist. The struggle for independence is far from over, and our responsibility is to support their efforts. You can help achieve victory by investing in the Armed Forces of Ukraine through our “Defenders Marketplace.” Click the link below to fund an FPV drone and bring them one step closer to victory.

Join the Santa’s Birds – Птахи Санти campaign today!

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