Vyshyvanka Day: UWC invites to participate in virtual wave

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May 10,2024 455
Vyshyvanka Day: UWC invites to participate in virtual wave

Ahead of Vyshyvanka Day 2024, the Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) is launching a virtual wave to promote unity and interest in Ukraine by wearing embroidered shirts – vyshyvankas. This initiative will unfold on May 16-17 across social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, as well as on the UWC website.

The Ukrainian World Congress invites all Ukrainians and enthusiasts of Ukrainian culture to join in by taking a photo in a vyshyvanka. Share your photo using the hashtags #vyshyvanka2024 and #VyshyvankaDay, and don’t forget to tag @UWCongress. Throughout the day, participants will have the opportunity to spot themselves within a virtual wave. Selected photos will be featured as part of this online movement.

The initiative’s second phase includes sharing content on social media about damaged heritage items, like embroidered shirts from occupied areas that have been damaged by occupying Russian forces.

The UWC urges Ukrainian communities globally to participate and help refocus international attention on Ukraine’s struggle against a harsh aggressor.

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