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May 21,2020 114

On May 21 Ukrainians and friends of Ukraine around the world celebrate Vyshsyvanka Day – the day of the Ukrainian embroidery shirt.  For Ukrainians, embroidery is not merely a work of art, but a spiritual safeguard and an important component of national dress that testifies to one’s belonging to the Ukrainian nation and connection to its past, present and future.

Today, embroidered clothing has gained new popularity as a symbol of unity for the many-million-strong Ukrainian community and an element that popularizes Ukraine around the world.

Vyshyvanka Day first launched in Ukraine over 10 years ago, and in 2014 it became an international event captivating Ukrainians as well as participants of different nationalities in almost 50 countries.

“This year we can’t join the festivals, dance shows, marches that are traditionally organized on this Day. The Ukrainian World Congress calls upon the entire Ukrainian diaspora and friends of Ukraine to celebrate Vyshyvanka Day together by joining online activities, sharing beauty and pride of our people in your photos and stories”, – stated UWC President, Paul Grod.

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