War makes a president out of an actor and a clown out of a dictator

December 21,2022 2231
War makes a president out of an actor and a clown out of a dictator

The unexpected trip of President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky to Bakhmut – the hottest spot of this war today – caused diametrically opposite feelings in Ukrainians and Russians.

In Bakhmut, to the accompaniment of a cannonade, Zelensky talked with warriors and presented awards to the defenders of Ukraine. For their part, the warriors handed the president a Ukrainian flag, which they asked to hand over to the U.S. Congress as a sign of gratitude for the supply of weapons, UNIAN reported.

“Ukrainian defenders risk their lives for the sake of the people, so in order to support them, you also need to risk something,” Zelensky explained the purpose of his trip to the front.

And what was dictator Putin doing at that time? He also presented awards, but to traitors of Ukraine and far from the front – in the Kremlin.

This striking contrast between the courage of one and the cowardice of the other did not go unnoticed even among supporters of the Kremlin dwarf. He was reproached in social networks for the fact that he never managed to get even a little closer to the trenches of the “special military operation” launched by him, while Zelensky visited the newly liberated Kherson even before Bakhmut.

To whiten Putin’s image a little, Moscow, as usual, resorted to lies. One of the deputies of the State Duma stated, and the Kremlin confirmed, that Putin visited the area of the “special operation” earlier than Zelensky. As evidence, a video was demonstrated showing the dictator talking to the military at a large round table.

However, investigative journalists, after examining the video, easily proved that Putin had actually visited the headquarters of Russia’s Southern Military District in Rostov-on-Don – quite far not only from the front line but also from the border with Ukraine.

Thus, Zelensky, whom Putin always despised as an actor, proved himself to be a real President, and the “mighty” dictator turned out to be just a clown.