“We will survive”: Kuleba on Orbán’s potential heading European Council

January 9,2024 678
“We will survive”: Kuleba on Orbán’s potential heading European Council

The possible appointment of Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán as the President of the European Council will not have a negative impact on Ukraine, stated Minister of Foreign Affairs Dmytro Kuleba during a national 24/7 newscast.

“You know, as my grandmother used to say, ‘We survived hunger, we will survive [food] abundance too’ during those six months. Even if Orbán assumes those duties, he will also be the head of the European Union during that time because of the Hungarian presidency. We’ll just have to survive those six months,” Kuleba said.

Kyiv has a plan of action in case of such a scenario. “We have very intensive work ongoing on the European track. … We have a clear plan, a clear understanding of who works with whom, the schedule for decision-making, and advocacy of these decisions. Therefore, it should not affect the pace of European integration,” assured the minister.

Ukraine, as a democracy, must be ready for anything. “Unlike Russia, we’re all democracies, and therefore, we must be ready for the changes that can occur in any country at any time,” Kuleba said.

“Changes in other countries will never drive us into a stupor, panic, or confusion. Because we know that no matter the situation, we will still work to get what we need. And we will get it,” Kuleba concluded.

On January 7, the President of the European Council, Charles Michel, announced that he would run for the European Parliament elections in June, prematurely resigning from his position. In this case, EU leaders have another six months to choose his successor. However, if a decision cannot be made quickly, the presidency of the European Council will temporarily pass to the Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orbán. Additionally, Hungary will hold the presidency of the EU Council from July 2024 to December.

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