Will Russia unleash Star(link) Wars?

October 27,2022 587
Will Russia unleash Star(link) Wars?

The Russian Foreign Ministry threatens to attack Elon Musk’s Starlink satellites, which are inter alia used in providing internet access for Ukrainian troops on the front of the Russo-Ukrainian war, UNIAN reported on Thursday.

“The quasi-civilian infrastructure may be a legitimate target to strike back,” said Konstantin Vorontsov, the director of the ministry’s Arms Control and Nonproliferation Department.

About a fortnight ago, Musk warned that “Russia is actively trying to kill Starlink.”

About three weeks ago, in a scandalous tweet that raised rage in Ukraine and among friends of Ukraine, the billionaire suggested how he thought peace between Russia and Ukraine could be achieved. He promoted, to a significant extent, voluntarily or not, Putin’s narrative on the matter. Obviously, it has not helped, and now his Starlink satellites are declared a “legitimate target” for the Kremlin.

Photo: UNIAN

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