World has entered “fragmented world war” – Italy’s president

December 19,2023 887
World has entered “fragmented world war” – Italy’s president

Italian President Sergio Mattarella stated during a meeting with Italian ambassadors that a “fragmented world war” is currently ongoing, as evidenced by numerous conflicts worldwide, from Ukraine to Gaza. The politician believes the only way out of this war is to strengthen multilateral institutions.

“The ‘fragmented world war’ leads to a fragmented world,” said Mattarella. In his address to Italian ambassadors, the president concluded with the hope for a just peace in Ukraine. However, this did not materialize, and instead, “more than other regions of our planet are in a more unstable state than last year,” according to Mattarella.

Crises persist in Africa, particularly in the Sahel and Sudan regions. The politician also recalled the terrorist attack by the Hamas group on Israel in October. Mattarella noted that there are other crisis regions and countries where there may not be as active combat as in Afghanistan.

The solution to the “fragmented war” should be a “fruitful structural reform of multilateralism,” the Italian president believes. “From the United Nations to the World Trade Organization, from the World Health Organization to the nuclear weapons control regime, these and other institutions need updating and strengthening. We all pay for their shortcomings,” he said.

Mattarella called for institutional reform within the European Union, urging it to become capable of “effectively and rapidly responding to the challenges of our time, setting an example of a community that, through dialogue and negotiations, makes an even greater contribution to the cause of international peace and cooperation.” The Italian politician also called for the enlargement of the EU.

Earlier, Mattarella stated that the peace resulting from the war must be just for Ukraine and expressed support for Ukraine’s swift accession to the EU.

Cover: Andrew Medichini/AP

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