Yahidne story hits the Time cover

February 16,2023 2358
Yahidne story hits the Time cover

In its last week’s issue, Time published a special report on what was going on in the Ukrainian village of Yahidne, Chernihiv Oblast, during the nearly month-long occupation by the Russian invaders in March 2022 – “Inside the Basement Where an Entire Ukrainian Village Spent a Harrowing Month in Captivity.”

The Ukrainian World Congress has already addressed the topic twice.

In early August 2022, we published our own story on Yahidne, based on accounts given to Ukrainska Pravda. Zhyttya by two volunteers, Svitlana and Lilia, who had been caught up in the Russian offensive on their way home and had to remain in the village during its occupation. We called our story “Real-life horrors: 350 hostages in Yahidne village, including a 21-day-old, spent a month in a basement.”

In late November, ahead of the commemoration of the 90th Holodomor anniversary, UWC presented Names On The Wall film. This “film is a requiem for the residents who died in the village of Yahidne in the Chernihiv region, who lived in hunger and suffering during 28 days under russian occupation.”