Zelenskyy addresses Denmark’s Parliament

August 21,2023 397
Zelenskyy addresses Denmark’s Parliament

“Ukraine believed in Denmark when the evil invasion began, and I thank you for trusting us,” – Volodymyr Zelenskyy to the members of the Folketing.

Mister Speaker, Madam Prime Minister! Mette!

Dear members of Folketing and government, diplomats! Everyone who is here today. And, of course, journalists!

Those who make possible that one nation, a great nation, hears in a very concrete, very important moment, the soul of another.

Dear people of Denmark! 

Today I am here with my wife, with my team. We are here to say: thank you. Personally thank all of you for helping us in our fight, difficult fight for freedom. For helping us in this war, which Russia brought to our land and which it wants so much – still wants! – to throw into homes of other nations. I’m sure you can see that.

Now, Russian evil strikes with pain and death at Ukrainian cities and villages. But they openly say that Ukraine is not enough. Later, after our country, they want to carry the suffering further to Europe and to the world. I’m sure you hear it – you hear it from Moscow. All of Russia’s neighbors are under threat – if Ukraine does not prevail. International law will not be resuscitated. Democracies of the world – each of them can become a target either for missiles, or for mercenaries, or for destabilization. I’m sure you can feel it. But! Ukraine will prevail!

I want you to see it, hear it, feel it. Ukraine will prevail!

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