Address by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, October 3, 2023

October 4,2023 409
Address by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, October 3, 2023

“Kharkiv does not just hold on, but helps keep our entire east strong,” Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

Good health to you, fellow Ukrainians!

Today I am in Kharkiv region. Kupyansk and Lyman directions, then the city of Kharkiv. Our warriors, combat brigades, commanders.

Together with the team, we paid a visit to the 103rd separate territorial defense brigade, the 68th separate jaeger brigade named after Oleksa Dovbush, the 25th separate airborne brigade “Sicheslav”, and the 15th mobile border guard detachment “Steel Border”. Today I had the opportunity to talk to servicemen from other brigades as well.

As always, we talked to the battalion commanders. Specific needs of the units. Weapons and supplies, as well as manning the brigades. There are things that need to be done, in particular, to ensure that our brigades have greater motivation and combat capabilities.

I also had the honor to award the warriors who distinguished themselves – soldiers, sergeants, and officers. Different units, different combat paths, but equally strong Ukrainians! I am proud of all of them!

It was a great pleasure to award our combat medics.

Thank you all for protecting Ukraine, for confidence in Ukraine! Thank you for your chevrons and coins – I will keep them.

Today I also held separate long meetings with all those responsible for defense and socio-economic situation in Kharkiv and the region. There are many issues that are important for the region. Especially in the run-up to winter. Especially given the constant Russian terror against Kharkiv, against the region and the occupier’s attempts to intensify the assaults on our positions.

Full text of the address: Office of the President of Ukraine

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