Bishop Borys Gudziak: Support for Ukraine is expression of life and freedom of conscience

April 25,2024 286
Bishop Borys Gudziak: Support for Ukraine is expression of life and freedom of conscience

Support for Ukraine and actions against Russian aggression are expressions of life, liberty, and freedom of conscience, stated Archeparch of Philadelphia for Ukrainians and Metropolitan for the Ukrainian Catholic Church in the USA, Borys Gudziak. This was his reaction to the decision of the House of Representatives to approve aid to Ukraine, as reported by Catholic Review.

Anything that keeps Russia from advancing in Ukraine is to be welcomed. Ukrainians are very grateful to people of goodwill in the global community, and in a special way to Americans who are in solidarity with (Ukrainians’) valiant struggle for God-given dignity. They’re also very grateful to American Catholics, most of whom not only understand, but pray and help,” said the Archeparch.

Catholics in Ukraine are not alone in their suffering, especially those currently under occupation, says Gudziak. American Christians need to understand that Russians persecute all believers.

Understanding that evangelical Christians are persecuted together with Jews, (Roman) Catholics, Eastern Catholics, Orthodox, Jews, Muslims, is at the heart of this issue,” the bishop said. Most understand this when they finally see what is really happening. One such person was Speaker Mike Johnson, after meeting with Odesa native Serhiy Haydarzhi. His wife Anna was the daughter of a pastor and was killed along with their baby in a Russian attack on Odesa.

I don’t know exactly what the process of Speaker Johnson’s discernment has been, but I trusted that as a man of faith and a man with a heart, he would do the right thing,” the bishop said.

Earlier, Archeparch of Philadelphia Borys Gudziak called on Mike Johnson to approve support for Ukraine.

Cover: OSV News photo/Bob Roller