Canada’s mint releases 2023 pure gold pysanka coins

February 14,2023 1228
Canada’s mint releases 2023 pure gold pysanka coins

The Royal Canadian Mint has announced its 2023 release of 99.99% pure gold coins in the form of a Ukrainian Easter egg – pysanka – to “celebrate the sun’s return and the season of renewal.”

The collection coin’s averse bears an image of Elizabeth II, while the reverse presents sunflowers, considered Ukrainian national flowers.

“Gold, like the sunflower, is associated with the sun, eternity and the powers of life,” the mint says.

The 2023 pure gold pysanka coin marks the continuation of a proud springtime tradition of paying tribute to Ukrainian culture and artistry in Canada. This year, all net proceeds from the sale of the coins will be donated to the Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal.

Although the face value of the coin is CAD 250, it was priced at nearly CAD 7,000. Its mintage was only 275, and the coins were sold out within days – like all the previous releases of pysanka coins.