Catherine Deneuve narrates Ukrainian book

January 11,2024 952
Catherine Deneuve narrates Ukrainian book

Catherine Deneuve, a prominent film icon in France, voiced the French audiobook translation for the Ukrainian poetic collection Apricots of Donbas by Ukrainian writer and poet Liuba Yakymchuk.

“It’s okay to reveal it now. Catherine Deneuve has narrated Apricots of Donbas, and our audiobook is now available in bookstores in France and on all French audio platforms. You will also hear my voice there because I recited the titles and five or six other poems for the book in Ukrainian,” Yakymchuk wrote.

One of the poems in the collection – How to Put Together a Woman – can already be listened to on the publishing house’s website. Catherine Deneuve and Liuba Yakymchuk read it together.

Liuba Yakymchuk wrote the poems for the Apricots of Donbas collection in 2014, after Russia occupied part of the region. In 2015, the book was published by Staryi Lev Publishing House. A paper version of the collection was published in French translation last year.

Last year, in May, Catherine Deneuve recited a poem by the renowned Ukrainian poet Lesya Ukrainka during the opening of the Cannes Film Festival.

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