Christmas Greetings

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December 17,2010 378

December 17, 2010



The Ukrainian World Congress extends its sincerest greetings to the hierarchs and clergy of Ukrainian churches throughout the world and to all Ukrainians in Ukraine and the Diaspora on occasion of one of the most important Christian Holy Days – Christmas!


Christmas, the great celebration of the Son of God coming into our world, gives us spiritual strength, reinvigorates our souls with love and forgiveness,restores our faith in the triumph of good over evil and instils a sense of hope for a fortuitous future. In the mind of every Ukrainian, Christmas unites religious traditions with folk customs that add a unique national flavour to the way we celebrate this holiday.


Our hearts filled with joy, we, as a single family, greet one another with the words “Christ is born! – Glorify Him!”as we celebrate this holy occasion with those closest to us. We praise the Son of God, newly-born in a manger in Bethlehem, and pray for those closest and dearest to our hearts and for our brothers and sisters in Ukraine and our spiritual motherland – Ukraine. May Ukraine overcome all the obstacles on her path to unfettered progress, and continue multiplying the centuries-old glory of our people’s accomplishments en route to the renewal of the Ukrainian nation.


May Christmas bring peace, mutual understanding and health to every Ukrainian family and unite Ukrainians around the world in prayer for Ukraine and our people!


CHRIST IS BORN!                                                                                            GLORIFY HIM!

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