Contest for educators “The Best Distance Lesson”

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April 22,2020 106

Dear educators,

The UWC International Educational Coordinating Council in partnership with the UCC Educational National Ukrainian Council announces the contest for educators “The Best Distance Lesson” in response to the school closures due to the COVID pandemic.

It is aimed to help children of Ukrainian schools in the diaspora to gain knowledge of Ukrainian studies subjects (Language, Literature, History, Geography, and Culture) through distance learning.

We invite educators to create a comprehensive distance lesson for students of Ukrainian schools in the diaspora. Please fill in the questionnaire using the following link: and submit your comprehensive distance lesson to [email protected] before May 15, 2020.

The comprehensive distance lesson to include:

For students

· PowerPoint presentation

· Interactive tasks for different levels

· Exercises for independent work

For teachers

· Lesson plan and notes of teachers

· Evaluation scheme (rubric)

· Method of evaluation (using the differentiated approach)

· Additional resources / games / videos

Lessons for students by grades or by subjects:

· Preschool / Kindergarten

· Grades 1 to 11 (1 winner in each grade)

· Ukrainian Language

· Culture

· History

· Literature

· Geography

Voting on the best distance lessons: June 1

The prize for winners in each category: $100

After voting all contest participants will have access to Google Drive and to all distance lessons.


Deadline for submitting a comprehensive distance lesson: May 15, 2020.

With further questions or inquiries, please contact Oksana Levytska: [email protected] or Tatiana Sunak: [email protected]