DAY 322

Victory Chronicles
-DAY 322

January 11,2023


Above:  Germany’s foreign minister Annalena Baerbock (2nd-r) saw the “souvenirs” left by russia world in Kharkiv yesterday. She called the city a symbol of utter Russian madness. We hope her impressions bolster the prompt delivery of German-made tanks to Ukraine ASAP. (Photo: Zeit Online)

  • Russia has reportedly appointed a new head of the army, a colonel who oversaw both the capture of Lysychansk and the loss of Kharkiv. Russian military leadership may seek to rehabilitate Lapin’s reputation to establish the Russian MoD as a competent wartime apparatus and push back against the growing influence of the Kadyrov-Prigozhin faction.
  • Lapin’s appointment may suggest that the Russian MoD must fill important leadership positions with previously disgraced officers.
  • Kremin continues to deny that Russian authorities are preparing for another wave of “partial mobilization.” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov denied reports of a new wave of partial mobilization on January 9 and called on Russian citizens to ignore Telegram channels that speculate about new mobilization efforts.
  • Russian forces continue to deploy Russian elements to Belarus. Social media footage reportedly shows Russian military equipment on a train in Belarus moving west.

Video: General Staff’s Daily Video Digest with English subtitles


Above: CNN

Ukrainian General Staff of the Armed Forces estimated enemy losses since February 24, 2022 (with daily additions)

  • Liquidated personnel, 112,960 (+490)
  • Tanks, 3,094 (+10)
  • Armored personnel vehicles, 6,159 (+5)
  • Artillery systems/MLRS, 2,078/437 (+5/3)
  • Anti-aircraft warfare systems, 217 (0)
  • Aircraft/helicopters, 285/275 (0)
  • UAV operational-tactical level, 1,862 (+2)
  • Cruise missiles, 723 (0)
  • Warships/boats, 17 (0)
  • Vehicles and fuel tanks, 4,826 (+9)
  • Special equipment, 184 (+1)


Above: First responders extinguished a fire caused by enemy shelling of a Kharkiv fireworks factory. (Novosti Donbasu)

Glory to Ukraine! The three hundred and twenty-second day of the Russian large-scale invasion has begun.

  • Over the past 24 hours, units of the Defense Forces of Ukraine have repelled attacks by the occupiers in the areas of Hryanikyvka in Kharkiv region, Stelmakhivka – Luhansk and Spirne, Rozdolivka, Vesele, Bakhmut, Klishchiivka, Mayorsk, Vodyane, Nevelske, Krasnohorivka, Maryinka and Prechistivka in Donetsk
  • At the same time, the enemy launched 6 missile and 16 air strikes. He carried out more than 50 attacks from rocket salvo systems, in particular, on the civilian infrastructure of the Kharkiv, Donetsk and Kherson
  • The danger of enemy air strikes and missile strikes remains on the entire territory of Ukraine. We urge you to go to shelter in case of air raid signals.
  • On the Siverskyi direction, the areas of Senkivka in the Chernihiv region and Kucherivka, Oleksandrivka and Pokrovka in the Sumy region were shelled by mortars and barrel artillery.
  • Areas of 19 settlements were shelled in the Slobozhansk Among them are Sosnivka, Zelene, Vovchansk, Khatne, Krasne, Lopan, Krasne Pershe and Dvorichna of Kharkiv region.
  • In the Kupyansk direction, the areas of Vilshana, Orlyanka and Kislivka in the Kharkiv region and Novoselyvsk and Stelmakhivka in the Luhansk region were hit by enemy fire.
  • In the Lymansky direction, Makiivka, Nevske and Chervonopivka in the Luhansk region and Terny and Serebryanka in the Donetsk region came under the influence of fire.
  • In the direction of Bakhmut, shelling was recorded in Yakovlivka, Bilogorivka, Soledar, Bakhmut, Klishchiivka, Bila Hora, Spirnyi, Druzhba and Paraskoviivka districts of Donetsk
  • Avdiivka, Vesele, Nevelske, Georgiivka, Maryinka and Pervomaiske in Donetsk region were shelled in the Avdiyiv direction.
  • Vremivka, Velyka Novosilka and Vugledar of the Donetsk region came under enemy fire again in the Novopavlovsk direction.
  • In the Zaporozhye direction, the enemy shelled the areas of 22 settlements. Among them are Vilne Pole and Novopil in Donetsk region and Olhivske, Zaliznychne, Mala Tokmachka, Gulyaipole, Stepove, Shcherbaki and Biloghirya in Zaporizhzhia
  • In the Kherson direction, the civil infrastructure of 12 settlements was damaged by Russian artillery shelling. In particular, these are Antonivka, Vesele, Respublikanets, Dniprovske, Dudchany, Mylové, Zolota Balka and Kherson. Peaceful people suffered.

Support the Armed Forces! Together we will win! Glory to Ukraine!

Video: Enemy shelling of Kharkiv hit a fireworks factory last night. 


Above: Ukrainian forces have been pushing on the Svatove-Kreminna highway and rail transportation corridor in Luhansk Oblast near the Kharkiv border since the culmination of the Kharkiv campaign in October. (War Mapper)

Map via ISW
  • Ukrainian forces continued to make gains along the Svatove-Kreminna line on January 10. The Ukrainian Center for Defense Strategies confirmed that Ukrainian troops captured Pidkuichansk, 8km northwest of Svatove, on January 8.
  • Geolocated footage shows a Russian tank firing on Ukrainian positions west of Ploshchanka and approximately 17km northwest of Kreminna, indicating that Ukrainian troops have advanced closer to R66 Svatove-Kreminna highway.
  • Ukrainian troops repelled Russian attacks near Chervonopopivka (6km north of Kreminna) and Bilohorivka (10km south of Kreminna).


Above: Ukrainian commander of ground forces Colonel-General Syrskiy in the town of Soledar, Donetsk, on Jan 9. (Australian Broadcasting Company)

Map via ISW
  • The fog of war surrounds the situation in Soledar, Donetsk, where highly credible sources reach different conclusions on the status at the time of publication. The Armed Forces of Ukraine report that Ukraine is holding the town amid heavy fighting. The ground is said to be strewn with the bodies of storming enemy soldiers.
  • Russian forces continued ground attacks in and around Bakhmut on January 10. The Ukrainian General Staff reported that Ukrainian troops repelled attacks on Bakhmut itself and south of Bakhmut near Klishchiivka (7km southwest), Kurdiumivka (12km southwest), and Mayorsk (20km south). Russian sources additionally continued to discuss fierce fighting in the industrial zone on the eastern outskirts of Bakhmut
  • Russian forces continued ground attacks along the western outskirts of Donetsk City on January 10. The Ukrainian General Staff stated that Ukrainian forces repelled Russian attacks near Vodiane (on the northwestern outskirts) and Marinka and Pobieda (on the southwestern outskirts)

Above: Soledar, Donetsk, is located some 12 kms northeast of Bakhmut.  Last week, Wagner redeployed mercenaries and convicts from Bakhmut to Soledar in an attempt to quickly start a northern flanking operation.  (Google Earth)

Video: As of 10 am Kyiv time on Wednesday, Ukrainian defenders in a Soledar bunker report that the situation is difficult but Ukrainian forces maintain control.  


Above: Helicopter pilot going to work in Kherson region. (New York Times)

Map via ISW
  • Russian and Ukrainian forces continued routine strikes across the Dnipro River in Kherson Oblast on January 10. Ukrainian forces shot down a Russian Ka-52 attack helicopter near Kherson City.
  • Russian forces continued routine fire in Zaporizhia, Mykolaiv, and Dnipropetrovsk oblasts on January 10.  Russian forces struck Ochakiv, Mykolaiv Oblast six times within 24 hours and targeted Ochakiv in retaliation for Ukrainian military successes.
  • Russian forces continue to militarize the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant. Russian military established a military equipment and repair base at the ZNPP. Russian authorities have tried and failed multiple times to connect the ZNPP to the Russian power grid.
  • Almost 1,500 employees of ZNPP, who refused to receive Russian passports and sign a contract with Rosatom, are deprived of access to the enterprise. The invaders are looking for new workers in Russia and are preparing housing for them through “nationalization” of the apartments of local residents.
  • Russian occupation authorities continued efforts to restore the Kerch Strait Bridge, on January 10 that Russian authorities laid the first new span of the west (left) road bridge and will complete repairs by March 2023.
  • Ukrainian partisans were responsible for a January 8 explosion at a Russian ammunition depot near the Hidromash factory in Melitopol, Zaporizhia Oblast. Partisans may have sabotaged the depot or provided intelligence on the location of the ammunition depot to enable Ukrainian strikes.
  • Zaporizhzhia occupation authorities are advertising in social media forums for residents to report Ukrainian partisans or anyone with a pro-Ukrainian viewpoint to occupation authorities, encouraging residents to anonymously report their neighbors in exchange for money and are intimidating Ukrainian civilians through “preventative talks” and torture.

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