DAY 474

Victory Chronicles
-DAY 474

June 12,2023

Ukrainian forces launch counteroffensive operations in multiple fronts

Ukrainian forces conducted counteroffensive operations in at least three areas of the front and made territorial gains on June 10 and 11. Ukrainian Deputy Defense Minister Hanna Malyar reported that Ukrainian forces are conducting offensive operations in the Bakhmut area. Russian sources reported continued Ukrainian ground attacks on Bakhmut’s northern and southern flanks. Geolocated footage and Russian sources indicated that Ukrainian forces liberated multiple settlements during continued ground attacks south, southwest, and southeast of Velyka Novosilka in western Donetsk Oblast. Russian sources reported that the Ukrainian forces continued to attack southwest of Orikhiv in Zaporizhia Oblast, and Ukrainian forces made gains in this area.

Latest news

  • Patriot air defense manufacturer promises to supply additional systems to Ukraine
  • Ukraine’s Armed Forces report on liberation of Novodarivka in Zaporizhzhia Oblast 
  • The Russian occupiers blew up a dam on the Mokri Yaly River in Donetsk Oblast, causing flooding on both sides of the river 
  • Ukrainian forces have rescued 112 people from the left bank of the Dnipro in the Kherson region (occupied by russia), suffering from russia-caused flooding. Unfortunately, three civilians were killed, and 23 were injured to date due to russian shelling.
  • Ukrainian defenders kill another 540 Russians and destroy 10 artillery systems

Number of the Day - 48

In Bakhmut, for every 48 cm gained, Russia lost one soldier. “In February 2022, Russia likely planned to complete the capture of the whole of the Donbas region within 10-14 days. But in Bakhmut, for every 48cm gained, one of its soldiers has been killed or wounded. Ukraine fights on,” the British Ministry of Defence said in a Twitter message.

Video of the Day

Armed Forces of Ukraine move frontline on Avdiivka front, capture Russian positions. The 59th separate motorized infantry brigade fighters named after Yakiv Handziuk moved the front line, capturing an enemy position on the Avdiivka front. The brigade published a video showing the battle with the Russians and the capture of the enemy position

War in picture

On 4 June, as part of a defense operation, the settlement of Novodarivka was liberated from the occupiers by the joint actions of the mechanized unit and the combined unit of the Zaporizhzhia Separate Territorial Defence Brigade.

ISW report

Ukrainian forces made visually verified advances in western Donetsk Oblast and western Zaporizhia Oblast, which Russian sources confirmed but sought to downplay.

War report

In another prisoner-of-war swap, Ukraine has brought home 95 people, including soldiers of Ukraine’s Armed Forces, National Guard, and Border Guard.

War Heroes Memorial

42-year-old Major Igor Kot, call sign “Kit”, was killed on May 11, 2022, during the liberation of Kharkiv Oblast. Together with the special units “Kraken” and “Dozor,” his unit drove the enemy out of the village of Pitomnik. He was advancing to secure fire points to the village of Nove, but blew up on a hidden landmine.

Igor was born in the village of Zhukin in Kyiv Oblast. He lived in the capital. In 2001, he graduated from the Kyiv Institute of Internal Affairs Faculty of Internal Troops. Since 2014, he was the commander of a company in one of the specialized military training centers.

During the full-scale Russian invasion, Igor fought for his native country as part of the combined tactical group “Adam” of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. He served in a separate anti-tank unit.

“My friend, brother-in-arms, and commander died… Kot Igor Ivanovich. Whom I’ve known for many years. From the first days, he went to defend us and the state. He fought the enemy at the Vasylkiv airport, then Bucha, Irpin, Donetsk Oblast; death overtook him in the Kharkiv Oblast… He was the best commander, a loyal friend, and a cheerful and brave person. He laughed at death and always supported the entire unit. Today, our major is no more. He died defending Ukraine”, – wrote his comrade Alexey.

Igor is survived by his parents, wife, and son.

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