Documentary spotlights Donetsk paramedics: rescuers grateful to UWC

May 31,2024 252
Documentary spotlights Donetsk paramedics: rescuers grateful to UWC

The Ministry of Internal Affairs has unveiled a new documentary as part of its “Behind the Scenes of the Ministry of Internal Affairs” project, focusing on the courageous efforts of paramedics in Donetsk Region. The film highlights the operations of a special police unit formed in March 2022, dedicated to rescuing individuals from “hot” zones where traditional ambulances cannot reach.

In the region, ten paramedic groups are tirelessly working around the clock, braving daily dangers to assist the local population where every minute is critical for saving lives. These teams have conducted over 2,000 combat missions and have successfully saved 837 individuals. Notably, their efforts led to the rescue of a six-month-old infant who was trapped beneath debris after a house was struck in an enemy attack.

In support of these vital operations, the Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) recently facilitated the purchase of three armored ambulances for medical evacuations. These vehicles, funded by an anonymous donor, are set to be delivered shortly to the national police paramedics in Donetsk Region. During the UWC Summit held in Bucharest in April, UWC President Paul Grod presented honorary awards to Donetsk police paramedics Illia Petrenko and Oleksandr Savenko, recognizing their heroic service.

“I was invited to Romania for the Ukrainian World Congress Summit, where UWC President Paul Grod awarded me and Illia Petrenko a medal for saving lives. The hall gave us a standing ovation. They thanked us and approached us. I am very satisfied and proud of this team of paramedics from the training center,” said paramedic Oleksandr Savenko in the video.

In response, the paramedics gave a special gift to the UWC – their unit’s flag. “This is a unique unit that emerged during a full-scale invasion and will go down in Ukrainian history as police officers who save lives,” commented the brave paramedics on the gifted flag.

Cover: “Behind the Scenes of the Ministry of Internal Affairs” project

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