Documenting defiance: Ukrainians record Mariupol’s stand against Russian forces

April 9,2024 237
Documenting defiance: Ukrainians record Mariupol’s stand against Russian forces

Ukrainians continue to meticulously record the specifics of Ukraine’s steadfast resistance to Russia’s large-scale incursion. Recently, the courageous stand of Mariupol in the spring of 2022 is revisited.

An anonymous Mariupol journalist, using the alias Sector Mariupol for safety, has compiled a day-by-day account titled “86 Days of Mariupol Defense,” honoring the city’s resistance. The Infosprotyv project and the National Museum of the History of Ukraine are collaborating on this project.

“Russia seeks to destroy the truth about the events of the spring of 2022 just as it attempted to erase Mariupol from the face of the Earth. This Chronicle is created to counter disinformation with verified facts and eyewitness testimonies,” the project’s authors wrote.

Interested readers can access a comprehensive account of the city’s defense, enhanced by an interactive 3D event map. For instance, today’s date, April 9, marks two years since Ukrainian defenders withdrew from a key western outpost in Mariupol, a position they had maintained since the onset of the intensified conflict.

The description for each day includes interviews with fighters who participated in the operations, photos and videos, and a list of defenders who gave their lives for the defense of Mariupol.

This daily chronicle, verified by the military, comprehensively recounts the events of the first months of the Russian invasion in 2022. “At that time, the resistance of the city’s garrison disrupted the plans for a lightning capture of the entire southern half of Ukraine. Mariupol drew significant enemy forces and gave the Ukrainian Armed Forces time to firmly establish themselves in other areas of the front and defend Mykolaiv and Odesa,” the project’s description states.

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