Energize Ukraine delivers $368,239.5 USD worth of equipment to Ukraine!

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February 8,2024 271
Energize Ukraine delivers $368,239.5 USD worth of equipment to Ukraine!

The Ukrainian World Congress, through its initiative, Energize Ukraine, has supported the Ukrainian energy system this winter season. Thanks to the generous contributions from donors in North America, equipment valued at $368,239.5 USD has been delivered to Ukraine, consisting of three vital bushings.

This substantial donation plays a pivotal role in supporting our partners at Ukrenergo. Relentless Russian attacks on critical installations have severely challenged the Ukrainian power system, compromising nearly 50% of its infrastructure. The scale of destruction has necessitated specific power equipment that aligns with stringent compatibility criteria.

The Ukrainian World Congress extends heartfelt thanks to generous donors for invaluable support during these challenging times. Donated equipment empowers Ukrenergo to ensure stability in the Ukrainian power system, a linchpin for schools, hospitals and other civilian institutions. Each contribution is an investment in Ukraine’s resilience and Victory. 

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