Estonia detains 10 Russian agents

February 21,2024 567
Estonia detains 10 Russian agents

Estonia has detained 10 suspected Russian agents who are members of the Russian intelligence network and operated under orders of Russian special services, announced the country’s Prime Minister Kaja Kallas and Foreign Minister Margus Tsahkna. 

Estonia has successfully stopped a hybrid operation by Russia’s security services on our territory. We know the Kremlin is targeting all of our democratic societies. Our answer: be open and reveal their methods. This is the way to deter harmful actions and make us resilient,” emphasized Kallas.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs explained that the Estonian security police apprehended the suspects. These 10 agents, directed by Russia, aimed to stoke tensions in Estonia. “Their aim was to sow fear, fuel tensions and to break our resolve in supporting Ukraine. But Russia will not succeed. We remain strong and vigilant,” wrote Margus Tsahkna.

The Internal Security Police also reported that these individuals are suspected of committing acts of vandalism against monuments, as well as the vehicles of the Minister of Internal Affairs Lauri Läänemets and a journalist last year. Six out of the ten detained are currently in Estonian custody. The pre-trial investigation is ongoing.

In January, the Estonian police arrested Russian professor Vyacheslav Morozov from the University of Tartu on charges of espionage for Russia. The suspect taught political science at the educational institution.

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