Estonia to invest 0.25% of GDP in Ukraine’s defense

January 11,2024 1000
Estonia to invest 0.25% of GDP in Ukraine’s defense

In the next four years, Estonia will contribute 0.25% of its GDP to Ukraine’s defense, said Prime Minister Kaja Kallas. Tallinn urges European, North American, and other countries to join the initiative. 

“Estonia’s contribution to Ukraine’s victory will be 0.25% of GDP over the next four years. If each country contributes 0.25%, that’s what Ukraine needs to win this war,” said Kallas. 

She added that Estonia has provided nearly EUR 500 million in military assistance to Ukraine since 2022. “This is necessary for our security,” emphasized Kallas. 

In the coming years, Estonia will allocate EUR 14 million annually for joint efforts in Ukraine’s recovery and related decisions. 

The Prime Minister stressed the need for consistent public outreach in democratic countries to explain the importance of supporting Ukraine, noting that many people have become accustomed to war, slowing decision-making in democracies. 

Earlier, Chancellor of Germany Olaf Scholz stated on January 11 that EU countries should increase military aid to Ukraine in 2024.

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