EU needs to increase weapons supply to Ukraine, Scholz says

January 9,2024 2598
EU needs to increase weapons supply to Ukraine, Scholz says

European Union countries need to increase military assistance to Ukraine in 2024, said German Chancellor Olaf Scholz after a meeting with the new Prime Minister of Luxembourg, Luc Frieden, in Berlin. 

Currently, planned weapon deliveries to Kyiv are “in any case too small.” “Therefore, I call on our allies in the European Union to also intensify their efforts to support Ukraine,” emphasized Scholz.

Before the next EU summit on February 1, Ukraine’s partner countries should have a clear idea of their contribution to support Ukraine this year. “Europe must demonstrate that it stands on the side of Ukraine, on the side of freedom, international law, and European values,” said the German Chancellor.

Germany is the largest aid donor to Ukraine after the USA, having allocated EUR 8 billion for the supply of weapons and military equipment to Ukraine’s Armed Forces for this year alone. In addition, Berlin provides significant humanitarian and financial support to Kyiv, reminded Scholz.

Earlier, EU chief diplomat Josep Borrell said that the European Union’s existence is at stake in Ukraine and called for more active support of Kyiv.

On February 6-7, the global Ukrainian community organized peaceful protests following numerous large-scale Russian attacks on Ukraine. Rallies took place in dozens of countries worldwide, with participants urging increased assistance to Ukraine.

Cover: Martin Divisek / PAP/EPA

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