“Everything on table”: Kallas on NATO troops in Ukraine

February 29,2024 616
“Everything on table”: Kallas on NATO troops in Ukraine

Western leaders should not rule out the possibility of sending their troops to Ukraine, says Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas, according to Politico. The Prime Minister emphasizes that all options should be considered to help Ukraine defeat Russia.

“I think it is also the signals we are sending to Russia, that we are not ruling out different things. Because all the countries have understood that we have to do everything so that Ukraine wins and Russia loses this war,” Kallas said. 

Currently, most EU countries have publicly rejected the idea of sending their troops to Ukraine, which French President Emmanuel Macron proposed at an informal summit in Paris on February 27 in support of Ukraine. 

Meanwhile, Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis believes it is worth considering deploying allied forces in Ukraine.

Public discussion of the possibility of European countries’ involvement in the war between Russia and Ukraine does not necessarily mean that decisions have been made. Still, it indicates that Ukrainian partners are preparing to cross another red line in their minds, earlier wrote journalist-internationalist Serhii Melnyk from the Ukrainian publication

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