France promises support: “We won’t leave Ukraine”

December 21,2023 993
France promises support: “We won’t leave Ukraine”

France has promised to continue supporting Ukraine so Kyiv can engage in peaceful negotiations with Russia “under the best possible conditions,” said French President Emmanuel Macron. “We must ensure that Russia does not prevail, which means continuing to support and strengthen the defense of Kyiv and its key points,” emphasized the President of France.

Macron mentioned that some European countries are beginning to doubt the assistance provided to Ukraine and also raised the possibility of Donald Trump returning to the White House. “We see doubts emerging in Europe. There are doubts in the United States as well. We should continue to support and enhance the security of Kyiv in the most critical areas,” Macron stated.

The President of France assured that France will not abandon Ukraine. The main goal is to do everything possible so Kyiv can “engage in peaceful negotiations under the best possible conditions.” Therefore, Paris will have to make essential decisions in the coming months, added Macron.

Earlier, it was reported that the US Congress has not yet approved Biden’s request for additional funding to aid Ukraine due to resistance from some Republicans. Meanwhile, CNN, citing the concerns of numerous American and European officials, reported that without Western assistance, Ukraine would be able to sustain the war for only a few months independently. Politicians are concerned about the US Congress not deciding on funding military aid to Ukraine.

Cover: Associated Press / Alamy Stock Photo