Genocidal practice: Russia recruits Ukrainian orphans for training

March 26,2024 281
Genocidal practice: Russia recruits Ukrainian orphans for training

Russians are recruiting orphans from temporarily occupied Ukrainian territories for training at the Russian Investigative Committee Academy, reports the National Resistance Center (NRC). The educational institutions in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and a branch in occupied Luhansk are mentioned. Subsequently, the occupiers intend to distribute the children to various regions of Russia.

“The departmental academies of the repressive apparatus of the Russian Federation, namely the Investigative Committee, are encouraging graduates of orphanages from temporarily occupied territories to enroll in free education,” the text reads.

The NRC describes such an approach as a typical colonial policy of genocide. “That is, first, the Russians killed or tortured or kidnapped the parents, and then offer the child to become a Gestapo member of the regime. This is a typical colonial policy of genocide, in which the enemy raises the janissaries.

The Russians continue to militarize Ukrainian children in temporarily occupied territories. In Crimea, the occupiers are preparing to introduce a “state-wide system for preparing citizens for military service.”

Furthermore, the occupiers are bringing more and more Russians to the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine. Invaders are engaging students from Yakutia, the Russian Far East, for the ideological indoctrination of Ukrainian teenagers.

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