Russia militarizes Ukrainian children in occupied territories

February 22,2024 743
Russia militarizes Ukrainian children in occupied territories

The Russians continue to militarize Ukrainian children in temporarily occupied territories. In Crimea, invaders are preparing to introduce a “statewide system for preparing citizens for military service,” according to the National Resistance Center. 

“In the temporarily occupied territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, representatives of Russian occupying forces continue the policy aimed at militarizing Ukrainian children. According to all the so-called orders, occupiers aim to create in each municipal entity the centers of the so-called military-patriotic education and youth preparation for future service,” states the material.

At the same time, Russians are considering the possibility of activities of regional branches of the Russian youth military-patriotic organization “Young Army” (Young Army Cadets National Movement), founded by the Ministry of Defense of Russia in 2016. Within this organization, Russian children are taught so-called “patriotic education,” the use of various types of weapons, ideological devotion to the authorities and service, preparing the new generation for mobilization, and instilling the ideology of the “Russkiy mir” ideology [literally “Russian World,” the idea that Russian culture completely dominates all other civilizations]. Any child from 8 years old can become a member of the organization.

Earlier, it was reported that Russia’s occupational administrations are bringing more and more Russians to the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine. Recently, the invaders brought students from Yakutia in the Russian Far East to indoctrinate their Ukrainian peers.

Meanwhile, residents of the Russian-occupied Sevastopol are preparing to boycott the pseudo-presidential elections in Russia.

Cover: “Young Army”, Shutterstock

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