Global Ukrainian communities rally for Ukraine’s cause

April 23,2024 240
Global Ukrainian communities rally for Ukraine’s cause

Ukrainian communities worldwide remain active in promoting Ukraine’s interests, including organizing street rallies. The Ukrainian World Congress has recently compiled a list of such rallies held last week.

In Milan, Italy, on April 22, Ukrainians called for the release of Ukrainian prisoners of war. Additionally, participants addressed the rebuilding of Ukrainian infrastructure destroyed by Russian attacks.

The 164th consecutive rally took place in Oshawa, Canada. Ukrainian flags adorned Oshawa’s streets to remind everyone that the fight against Russia continues.

A rally supporting the adoption of the aid package for Ukraine took place in the United States capital, Washington, D.C., on April 20. “Stand with Ukraine,” urged the rally participants.

On April 20, rallies also took place in Austin, USA. “We were privileged today to hear the good news about Congress vote YAY for Ukrainian aid bill while we all have been together at our weekly rally to support Ukraine! Thank you everyone! Thank you USA!wrote the organizers.

The Ukrainian flag also flew high in the Czech Republic. A large-scale rally supporting Ukraine took place in Prague on April 21. Attendees called on Europe to support Ukraine in its struggle.

Rallygoers also demanded the release of Ukrainian prisoners of war in France, where the Ukrainian community gathers for a rally every week. At the April 21 event, the mother of one of the Ukrainian defenders, currently unlawfully detained by Russia, was also present, reported Volodymyr Kogutyak, UWC Vice President for Western Europe.