Global Ukrainians celebrate Ukraine’s 32nd anniversary of Independence. Part 1

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August 25,2023 803
Global Ukrainians celebrate Ukraine’s 32nd anniversary of Independence. Part 1

Ukrainian communities in dozens of countries worldwide celebrated Ukraine’s Independence Day by taking to the streets to remind the world that the fight against the brutal and genocidal aggressor continues, thanking partners for their assistance and calling for continued support for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. 

The Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC) prepared a video greeting with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Conservative Party of Canada and the New Democratic Party leaders. UCC President Alexandra Chyczij delivered the opening remarks. 

Ukrainians also took to the streets of Quebec. “This day is a holiday not only for Ukrainians but also a reminder to the world of the importance of freedom and democracy. Together, we stand for the freedom not only of our native country but also for the independence of every nation,” wrote Victoria Garo, a rally participant. 

Ukrainian flags were flown in numerous cities across the United States. The rallies took place, in particular, in Buffalo, New Jersey, and Chicago.

The Australian Federation of Ukrainian Organisations prepared a celebratory video about the ties between Ukraine and Australia. “Today, we pay tribute to the indomitable spirit of the Ukrainian people. We honor Ukraine’s courage and unwavering determination to create its own history despite the devastating Russian aggression,” the Australian Federation of Ukrainian Organisations wrote.

Numerous rallies were also held in Australia. Local administrative buildings were illuminated in the color of the Ukrainian flag; the sound of the Ukrainian national anthem filled the streets.

On the Day of the National Flag of Ukraine and the eve of the Independence Day of Ukraine, Buenos Aires also lit up with yellow and blue colors. “After the official part, a gathering was held at the monument to the outstanding Ukrainian poet and spiritual leader of the Ukrainian people, Taras Shevchenko, in San Martin Square. From there, representatives of the Ukrainian community, members of the Ukrainian diplomatic mission, and numerous friends of Ukraine marched for Independence, ending with the Chain of Unity around the Galileo Galilei Planetarium,” the Ukrainian Embassy in Argentina stated. 

Yellow and blue decorated the building of the Curitiba City Council in Brazil. “The Curitiba City Council received Vitório Sorotiuk, President of the Ukrainian Brazilian Central Representation, during a plenary session this Wednesday. They discussed celebrating the Day of the Ukrainian Community in Paraná and Brazil,” municipal media reported.

Rallies on the occasion of Ukraine’s Independence Day took place in Italy and Georgia. “We are an information front; we are an international legion fighting for the freedom of our homeland abroad. Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the Heroes! Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!” the Ukrainian community in Georgia said. 

On the occasion of celebrating Ukraine’s restoration of independence, a meeting with Ukrainian national track and field team athletes was held in Budapest. “This was our true unity and cooperation in support of Ukraine!” wrote Jaroszlava Hartyanyi, President of the Society of Ukrainian Culture in Hungary and member of the UWC Executive Committee.

The Congress of Ukrainians in Estonia sent a letter to Prime Minister Kaja Kallas thanking the Estonian government for its comprehensive support of Ukraine.

“On Ukraine’s Independence Day, let us thank Estonia for standing with Ukraine,” said Vira Konyk, President of the Congress of Ukrainians in Estonia and UWC Vice President.

Support rallies were also held in Moldova. “By unfurling the flag of Ukraine, we honor the symbols of our national dignity. By singing “Oh, there is a viburnum in the meadow [“Oy u luzi Chervona Kalyna” – a Ukrainian patriotic march]” we raise our Ukrainian spirit and remember our roots and cultural heritage,” said Dmitrii Lecartev, Head of the Ukrainian Community of Moldova. 

Ukrainians in Greece, Portugal, Estonia, Poland, the Czech Republic, Croatia, and Bulgaria joined in celebrating Ukraine’s Independence Day.