Head of Ichkeria in exile: Crimea is Russia’s Achilles heel

September 6,2023 1008
Head of Ichkeria in exile: Crimea is Russia’s Achilles heel

The liberation of Crimea will destroy the system of Putin’s regime, Akhmed Zakayev, Prime Minister of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria’s government-in-exile, said in an interview with 24 Channel.

“Crimea is the Achilles heel of Putin’s regime, Crimea is the most painful issue for them… As soon as they lose it, it will be the collapse of his [Putin’s] system,” Zakayev said.

In addition, only after the liberation of Crimea can we hope for the collapse of Russia, as well as the possible transformation of the Russian Federation into another state entity, the politician is convinced.

“The war must go back to where it started. Russians should feel what Chechen, Georgian, and Ingush children felt, and what Ukrainian children are feeling today,” Zakayev added.

Any success regarding Crimea is a guarantee of Ukraine’s future victory. “Crimea must be liberated, that’s for sure,” Zakayev concluded.

September 6 is the Independence Day of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria. The Ukrainian World Congress extends its most sincere greetings to the Chechen people. We thank the Chechen people for their support in Ukraine’s existential war with the Russian aggressor state. We also believe that Ukraine’s victory will help dismantle the Russian prison of nations and bring freedom to Ichkeria, its proud and courageous people.

Cover: North Caucasus Service (RFE/RL)